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Hair Extensions Cambridge

Hair Extensions @ Loulous Cambridge 

At Loulous we want to help you achieve the hair goals you've always wanted which is why we now offer a range of extension options to help you with your desired look! you may be after thicker looking hair, to add length or to add in a pop of colour without having to change your natural hair!  

Choosing the right hair extensions can make all the difference to your styling experience.

 we now offer in Salon - Purestrands & Superior Hair Extensions.

 *Call us directly on 07 8275768 to arrange a Complimentary Consult so one of our expert stylist’s can discuss what extensions would suit your hair as well as, allow us time to order in the hair extensions you will need.

Installation Costs

The time required for your installation will come down to the number of packs being installed, as well as including time for cutting/ blending and styling. This will be determined in your consultation. 

New Set Installations

$120 per hour

Removal & Re-Insatllation

$130 per hour


$120 per hour

Add on Colour Service

Price on Consultation

Add on Wash & Blow Dry


Pricing for Hair Packs

The number of packs needed is different for each person and will be determined in your consultation with your stylist depending on the results you are trying to achieve. 

Genius Weft Extensions
The Genius Hand-Tied extensions are a brilliant new weft design that can be cut directly anywhere on the seam without the weft unravelling! They are virtually undetectable, seamless, and super blendable.


1 Pack


2 Pack


3 Pack


Traditional Hair Weft Extensions
Weft Hair Extensionswork best for people who’ve already got the length they want, but would love to have more body and texture in their hair. They can also be used to add length.
We’ve got a few different application styles for weft hair extensions - it all depends on the hair we are working with
Only available in 20" lengths.  


1 Pack (50g)


2 Pack (100g)


3 Pack (150g)


Ultra Seamless Tape-In Extensions
Ultra Seamless Tape-In Extensions: Tape in hair extensions are the perfect choice for all hair types. Application involves placing a section of natural hair between tape bonds which lay strong and flat to your head. These extensions can be worn in a range of styles, and placement can be adjusted to suit your needs.
Available in 14", 18", 22", and 26” lengths.


1 Pack


2 Pack


3 Pack



1 Pack


2 Pack


3 Pack



1 Pack


2 Pack


3 Pack



1 Pack


2 Pack


3 Pack


The Do’s and Don’ts Loulous Hair Extension Etiquette


  • Use the correct recommended products.

  • Have a weekly conditioning treatment at home.

  • Brush your hair more often.

  • Avoid swimming or having a heavy workout for 24 hours after getting your extensions fitted.

  • Braid your hair before bed.

  • Apply heat protectors before heat styling.

  • Always tie hair using scrunches or soft ties.

  • Use a good quality wet brush to gently detangle your hair.

  • You must apply hydrating conditioner after shampooing.


  • Never apply oils or conditioner on or above the bonding tapes.

  • DO NOT skip your maintenance appointment.

  • Never sleep with damp or wet hair

  • Avoid removing tape extensions yourself.

  • Do not swim in chlorine or salt water as this will fade the colour of your extensions.

  • Avoid sunscreen transfer from your body to your extensions, as this will discolour them.

  • Avoid tension on the hair while brushing and styling.

  • DO NOT lighten your hair extensions.

Frequently asked questions:

  1. What maintenance is required? 
    Each method requires maintenance - usually every 5-8 weeks depending on the growth of your hair. Whether you are having a new set or reusing the same hair your extensions will be fully removed and then replaced back in.

  2. Are extensions reusable?
    Most methods are re-usable for up to 6-12 months when maintained well at home with proper home care.  however if colouring extensions and if the extensions need to be cut often to blend in with hair this may reduce the time frame. 

  3. Can hair extensions be coloured?
    as they are human hair you can colour/tone them. We recommend taking extreme care as any chemical process can alter the hair quality - NEVER bleach or try to lighten.  If wanting to colour colour extensions this should be done by a professional. 

  4. Can I have my hair coloured while the extensions are in? 
    With Weft extensions we can colour the hair while they are in, withe Tape-ins we cannot. However it is best to add a colour service onto your maintenance appointment so that we can do this while the extensions are out for best results. 

  5. How often should hair extensions be washed? 
    Hair extensions do not have natural oils coming from the scalp to nourish them, so we recommend washing the 1-2 times per week to ensure a long and healthy life span for the hair. 
    Make sure your products are free from Sulphates, Parabens and Keratin. 

  6. Will extensions damage the natural hair? 
    if the extensions are being maintained when recommended no method should damage the hair. You will notice some hair fall at the maintenance appointment this is hair that would have fallen naturally but due to the extensions holding them in place they will come out at the service. 

  7. Can you swim with extensions?
    Salt and chlorinated water can be very drying to hair extensions, we recommend avoiding it whenever possible. if you do plan on going in the water - we recommend putting hair into a tight plait and use leave in conditioner before you go in the water.  also give hair a good clean and deep conditioning treatment afterwards. 


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