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EpiLED Laser Hair Removal

Loulous Day Spa is excited to Introduce our new EpiLED Laser Hair Removal machine.

Introducing Our Brand New EpiLED Laser Hair Removal Service

EpiLED emits light at multiple wavelengths using 9 high power super-emitting LEDs. 

The light penetrates the epidermis and dermis safely and thanks to the wide spectrum, the hair is destroyed more reliably than with a single wavelength Laser. 

The new NIR LED Technology targets the hair melanin effectively with very little of the light being absorbed by skin tissue. The result is extremely effective hair removal with a wide range of skin types enabled to be treated.

(Normally darker skins cannot be treated) 

The EpiLED Motion Technology allows ten shots per second. This allows us to scan, repeat or move the handpiece rapidly over the treatment area. 10Hz Motion Technology represents a break-through in patient comfort, speed and clinical results in Minimal amount of time! 

·      Please note the hair must have melanin content for the light to be effective down the follicle to switch the growth cycle off. (white hair is untreatable) 

·      For Red & Blonde hair, we perform a patch test to see if we get a reduction of mass and thinning of the hair. Should the patch test show no reduction unfortunately there is insufficient melanin for effective treatment. 

The following is a list of contra-indications to receiving EpiLED Hair Removal. If any apply to you this may affect you being able to have treatments. Please discuss with one of our therapist’s. 

1.     Sun exposure (including sunbeds) and fake tan within 2 weeks of your appointment
2.     Melanotan injections within the last 6 months
3.     Topical retinols on the area to be treated with 2 weeks of your appointment
4.     Acne Medications within the last 6 months (e.g.: Roaccutane, Isotretinoin, Doxycycline)
5.     Metal plates / pins in the area to be treated
6.     Eczema or Psoriasis in the treatment area
7.     Bacterial or Viral infections present (e.g.: Active Cold Sores)
8.     Waxing or depilatory cream in treatment area within 1 week
9.     Pregnant, Breastfeeding, IVF or trying to conceive
10.  Epilepsy
11.  Diabetes
12.  History of keloid or abnormal scarring
13.  Chemical or Radiation Therapy 

** Please contact one of our Specialist Beauty Therapists if you have any questions or concerns - feel free to visit us at Loulous Day Spa or phone 07 8275768 **


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